Tandemservis GAMAL

Our low step frame tandem Gamal

Basically, the same frame as the ICE`n FIRE with a low step stoker part. Perfect for riders with limited abilities or for elderly people. It is available in folding version as well.

We have designed this model with elderly people in mind, but as mentioned above, there can be far more people who can use it than just seniors. You can simply like the frame. Or you have a disabled partner or child who can not get on the bike with a standard frame.

The advantage of the hand made production is that we can build it with a captain part of the frame for pretty tall riders still. Just have in mind that such bike have far lower stiffness and so it is not really recommended for some hardcore use in terrain or on very bad roads.

If you would like to have also the front part of the frame low step, we have to say we are not able to produce such combination, but we can produce the ICE`n FIRE model with very low front part of the frame and standard frame for the stoker.

Price list can be found in the download page of this web.

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