Tandemservis JUMBo / JUMBO RS

Jumbo is tricycle supposed to be used on gravel roads or off-road

Tricycle Tandemservis JUMBO is meant for safe ride of people with stability problems. This model is very flexible and can be delivered in customization with rigid or suspended fork and on 28″ (road) or 26″ (mountain) wheels . The tricycle model with horizontal upper frame tube (male frame) increases the stability and firmness of the whole tricycle. Maximum load is 120 kg. For a safe ride, the tricycle is equipped with back wheels drive, which enables to start and ride on the wet, slippery or unpaved surface. Both back wheels are braked by mechanical or hydraulic disk brakes, which are able to stop the tricycle without skidding on the very short distance. This fact largely participates on the safe ride. You can choose the back wheels spacing to fit into doors of width 80 cm, 90 cm or your own size. The weight depends on equipment and can vary from 16 kg to 20 kg.

We call the racing version RS.

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