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How to Order a Tandem Bike

There are various ways to order our tandem bike, the easiest of them being a direct order made in person while visiting our shop. The undoubtable advantage of this kind of purchase is the possibility to test any type of tandem bike on your own. The advantage of personal contact is lost when using other ways of order – such as phone, fax or e-mail. Still, these can be good alternatives especially when a long-distance order is being made. We use out-sourced dispatch services to deliver our products to customers.

Another great way is to use one of our dealers. There are not that many of them yet as we were focusing on the Czech and Slovak market until 2014, but we are working on a list of dealers and we hope to have some new very soon.

How to make your choice

When choosing the right tandem bike, you need to have in mind the ways you are going to use it. The basic questions we ask are: who will ride it – height, weight, age and performance level of the person, and what kind of landscape the bike will be ridden in – paved roads, dirt roads, trails or even trackless terrains, in what speed you prefer to ride your bike and how many kilometers a year you are most likely to make.

This web page may be a help to you in order to find your way through the various choices we offer. We are open to change any features at any type of bike according to your preference,  your height, or any other individual component and feature including color and accessories. At the final ordering, you will be able to discuss all details with our experts, which will consequently recommend the solution which will meet your needs best.

According to use

  • Road tandem bike   conventional road bike outfit – Shimano or Campagnolo, narrow tires 23-28×622 mm, cheek brakes, cantilever brakes or „V“ brakes, -Control Dual shifters, gears on a two-plate or a three-plate 30-42–52 (56) z. This tandem bike is designed for particularly high-quality roads. The fact that the power of the two riders sums up can be best distinguished with this type of bike as it is no problem to ride at speed between 40 and 70 km/h.
  • Trekking tandem bikes usually Shimano outfit for MTB – Alivio, Deore… or SRAM components with GripShift technology, straight or ergonomic handlebars, „V“ brakes or discs, 26″ wheels with narrow tires, gears on a three-plate, either mountain-bike-types 44/32/22, 48/36/26 or even road-bike-types 52/42/30 sprockets.
  • „Mountain“ tandem bikes it differs from the trekking tandem bikes only by type of tyros and level of components. It is designed, however, rather for high-quality paved roads. If used out of tracks, it is necessary to make use your tandem bike includes a spring fork, strengthened frame, the best possible brakes and perfect spokes.

According to the frame material

  • Aluminium alloys, even large-diameter tubes made of this material show out-standing hardness; it is suitable for power riding (road tandem bikes), or for mountain sprung tandem bikes. The aluminium frame partly clears out one disadvantage of tandem bikes – the fact that while riding the frame tends to move most pedalling energy into an unpleasant snaking and twisting of the whole tandem bike instead of moving it into the rotational moment of the back wheel.

According to the frame type

  • Gentlemen´s type with diagonal link rod – conventional tandem structure suitable for riders with the same performance.
  • Gentlemen‘s type in front and lady´s type with lowered frame tube in the back.
  • Lady´s type with lowered frame tube in front and gentlemen‘s type in the back.

According to the number of riders

  • Conventionally two or three-seat tandem bikes.

According to the shifters placement

  • At the first rider (captain).
  • At the co-rider.

According to the brake type

  • „V“ brakes have sufficient efficiency at dry weather and at the total load up to 160 kg.
  • Rim hydraulic brakes – sufficient efficiency at any conditions.
  • Disc brakes – have great power, but can cause some damages to spokes and rims if they are used too heavily.

For tandem bikes, a combination of two various braking systems is suitable, especially at long downhills, when while using only rim brakes, the rims get overheated and tires get damaged; while using disc brakes in an intensive way they can get jammed. This is the reason why we offer all our tandems with three independent brakes. Two of them are operated by captain and one is operated by the stoker. However, if you like to have only one set of brakes or even four brakes, everything is possible.

Construction time and delivery

The bikes and tricycles are custom made. The typical construction time is about 6 weeks for tandems and about 8 weeks for trikes from binding order – prepayment to our bank account.

Payment and delivery

  • Out-sourced dispatch services – the price is to be paid in advance. We use mostly TNT or FedEx for shipping.
  • Personal pick up – half of the price is paid in advance and the rest upon product collection.

Bicycle or tricycle order

What we need in order to build and deliver the tricycle for you:

Who is ordering

  • Name of the person / company
  • Address
  • VAT No. (if applicable)
  • Cell phone No.

Delivery details

  • Contact person
  • Address
  • Cell phone No.

Product details

  • Name of the product (e.g. Folding tandem Mrazek)
  • Height of the rider (including stoker in case of tandems)
  • Inseam dimmension of rider/s or size of the bicycle that would fit (e.g. 19″)
  • Color

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