Tandems and triplets

Our tandem bikes are completely produced in The Czech Republic. Frames are hand made from aluminum 7020 and they have beautiful powder coat finish. Specifications can be chosen from wide selection of components, but we are able to build truly custom made tandems based on your needs and wishes.

We have three basic models which than have their folding versions. Geometry of each frame is based on heights of both riders and our production allow you to choose even pretty strange combinations or very tall and small riders or combinations where captain is small and stoker tall. E.g. for blind stoker and his wife.

ICE`n FIRE folding tandem from Tandemservis
Tandemservis ICE`n FIRE
This tandem is suitable for almost all purposes you can imagine. It can be equipped for leisure riding as well as for hard off-road use. It can be build in a folding version as well.

Our low step frame tandem Gamal

Tandemservis GAMAL
Basicaly the same frame as the ICE`n FIRE with a low step stoker part of the frame. Perfect for riders with limited abilities or for elder people. Folding version of it exists as well.

Jump Boy is very comfortable and sporty  tandem

Tandemservis JUMP BOY
Fully suspended tandem which is supposed to be riding in difficult off-road conditions. It can be an alternative also for those who look for maximum comfort, but plan to stay on asphalt or good quality gravel roads.

triplet from Tandemservis has name Tripplet

Tandemservis TRIPLET
We have build couple of triplets already. Some of them with adjustable child bottom bracket which “grow” with the child. This bike has to be configured in close discussion with future owners as we need to know the way they will use it.

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